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Supermarket Snapshot®

The following are prices for bottled water at a selected supermarket or grocery store at a particular location and date. The purpose is to provide visitors to the BottledWaterWeb® accurate price comparisons. The actual prices paid at the register may vary due to coupons or other promotions. All prices are shown in local currency. This information is proprietary to the BottledWaterWeb¨ and may not be reproduced without written permission.


Hyper Rimi, 7 Lootsi, Tallinn, Estonia. July 27, 2005
Tel 669 8900.

BrandSizePrice (in Kroon)*
Bonaqua (still)¹1.5 lt11.90
Bonaqua (carbonated)1.5 lt12.90
Vichy Classique1.5 lt11.50
Vichy Cranberry flavor1.5 lt11.50
Värska (carbonated)1.5 lt12.90
Fennica1.5 lt13.90
Saaremaa Vesi1.5 lt7.90
Borjomi1. lt13.90
Everest1.5 lt7.90
Evian1 lt12.90
Aura1.5 lt9.50
Saaremaa5 lt17.90
Aura500 ml6.40
Vitalina ²500 ml4.50
Vitalina1.5 lt7.90
Vesi5 lt17.90
Nordic1 lt.4.50
Evian500 ml8.50
Evian1.5 lt15.90
Vittel1.5 lt14.50
Vittel500 ml7.50
Ramlosa750 ml18.50
Wattwiller500 ml17.90
Perrier (4 Pack)33 cl 12.90
San Pellegrino500 ml12.90
San Pellegrino1.5 lt14.90

(1) Coca Cola Product
(2) Danone Product


(Lenta), 33, Pulkovskoye Shosse, St. Petersburg, Russia. July 21, 2005

BrandSizePrice (in Rubles)*
Evian1.5 lt48.89
Vittel1.5 lt44.89
Perrier750 cl45.04
Borjomi1 lt25.95
Perrier33 cl31.79
Vittel33 cl21.89
Evian500 cl24.69
HapOah1 lt18.89
Hobotepcka1.5 lt16.59
Hobotepcka500 cl8.59
Lipetskaya1.5 lt12.39
Iccehtyka-41.5 lt8.39
Iccehtyka-4500 cl7.05
Aqua Minerale²2 lt14.29
Aqua Minerale²600 cl9.89
Bon Aqua500 cl14.29
Bon Aqua2 lt13.65
Saint Springs1.5 lt13.59
Saint Springs500 cl8.29
365 Days Water6 lt18.89

(*) With Lenta discount card
(²) A Pepsi Cola product


Coop Konsum, Odenplan, Stockholm, Sweden July 13, 2005
Telephone: 08-340480

Loka33cl4.70 kr
Ramlosa33cl4.70 kr
Vichy Nouveau33cl4.70 kr
Active Nouveau50cl11.90 kr
Loka50 cl11.90 kr
Vichy Nouveau50 cl12.20 kr
Imsdal1.5 lt17.50 kr
Ramlosa1.5 lt15.90 kr
Imsdal60 cl14.50 kr
Linne50 cl12.50 kr
Loka1.5 lt14.50 kr
Vichy Nouveau1.5 lt14.90 kr


Pfefferkorn's Supermarket, Lech, Austria March 11, 2005

Voslauer Ohne1.5 liter€ 0.59
Voslauer Prickelnd1.5 liter€ 2.95
Arlberg Quelle1.5 liter€ 2.29
Alpquell1.5 liter€ 0.65
Gasteiner1.5 liter€ 0.65
Romerquelle1.5 liter€ 0.75
Volvic1.5 liter€ 1.99
Vittel1.5 liter€ 1.79
Evian1.5 liter€ 1.59
Voslauer mild1 liter€ 0.39
Voslauer Pricklnd1 liter€ 0.39
Romerquelle1 liter€ 0.50
Evian (Nomad - clip top)750 ml€ 1.39
Evian (PET)500 ml€ 0.24
Vittel500 ml€ 0.89
Voslauer Pricklnd500 ml€ 0.55
Voslauer mild500 ml€ 0.55


Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, England, November 27, 2003

Badoit1 liter£1.15
Chateldon1 liter£2.95
Danone Active500ml£0.49
Highland Spring1.5 liter£0.89
San Pellegrino750ml£1.10
Tynant Sparking750ml£1.25


Vons Main Street, Ventura California, July 11, 2000

Aquafina Purified Drinking Water20 oz.$0.95
Aquafina Purified Drinking Water1 liter$0.99 (Vons Club Member $0.79)
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water24 oz.$0.60 (Vons Club Member $0.39)
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water1 liter.$0.69
Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water25.3 oz.$0.39 (Buy 4 for $1.00)
Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water1 liter.$0.59 
Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water3 liters.$1.84 (6 Pack)
Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water6 liters.$5.99 (12 Pack)
Dannon Natural Spring Water1 liter$0.59
Dannon Natural Spring Water3 liters.$1.19 (6 Pack)
Dasani Purified Water20 oz.$0.89
Dasani Purified Water1 liter.$1.19 
Deja Blue Purified Drinking Water1 liter.$0.69
Evian Natural Spring Water1/2 liter.$0.99 
Evian Natural Spring Water1 liter.$0.99 
Palomar Mountain Spring Water3 liters.$1.83 (6 Pack)
Safeway Select Natural Spring Water (Refreshe)1 liter.$0.59 
Safeway Select Natural Spring Water (Refreshe)3 liters.$1.59 (buy 2 get $3.00 off)
Sparkletts Mountain Spring Water3 liters.$2.04 (6 Pack, buy 2 get $3.00 off)
Sparkletts Crystal Fresh Drinking Water3 liters.$2.04 (6 Pack, buy 2 get $3.00 off) 
Vons Drinking Water1 gallon.$0.69 (Buy 2 for $1.00)


Calle Real, Goleta California. July 11,2000 

Albertsons A+ Natural Spring Water1.5 liters$0.69
Albertsons A+ Natural Spring Water16.9 oz$0.39
Albertsons A+ Natural Spring Water1 gallon$1.29
Albertsons A+ Natural Spring Water2.5 gallons$2.09
Albertsons A+ Natural Spring Water3 liters$1.59
Aquafina Purified Drinking Water1.5 liters$0.99
Aquafina Purified Drinking Water4.26 liters$2.49 (6 Pack)
Arrowhead Drinking Water1 gallon$0.99
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water24 oz2 for $0.99
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water2.5 gallons$2.79
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water3 liters$2.29 (6 pack)
Crystal Geyser Natural Spring Water25.3 oz.4 for $1.00
Crystal Geyser Natural Spring Water3 liters$1.89 (6 Pack)
Crystal Geyser Natural Spring Water4.5 liters$2.29 (6 Pack)
Dannon Natural Spring Water3 liters$1.99 (6 Pack)
Dannon Natural Spring Water3.69 liters2 for $3.00
Dannon Natural Spring Water1.05 gallon$3.79 (mini pack)
Dasani Purified Water1 liter$0.79
Dasani Purified Water6 liters$6.99 (6 Pack)
Deja Blue Purified Drinking Water1 liter$1.29
Evian Natural Spring Water1.5 liters$169
Evian Natural Spring Water3 liters$5.99 (6 Pack)
Fiji Natural Artesian Water16.9 oz$0.99
Fiji Natural Artesian Water1.5 liters$1.89
Naya Natural Spring Water1 litera$1.29
Naya Natural Spring Water1.5 liters$1.39
Naya Natural Spring Water3 liters$3.89 (6 Pack)
Sparkletts Decanter Drinking Water2 liters$0.89
Sparkletts Distilled Drinking Water1 gallon$1.29
Sparkletts Drinking Water (sport top)1 liter$0.59
Sparkletts Drinking Water (sport top)1.5 liters$0.59 
Sparkletts Drinking Water (sport top)4.4 liters$2.59 (6 Pack)
Sparkletts Drinking Water1 gallon$1.29
Sparkletts Drinking Water Jr. Sport4.26 liters$3.49 (12 Pack)
Sparkletts Drinking Water2.5 gallons$2.49
Sparkletts Jr. Sport with added Fluoride4.26 liters$3.49 (12 Pack)
Sparkletts Mountain Spring Water (sport top)5 liters$1.79 (6 Pack)
Sparkletts Mountain Spring Water1 gallon$1.29


La Cooperativa di Cortina - Cortina d'Ampezzo, March 19, 1999

Acqua Lora Recoaro
(Frizzante)1.5 literL 790
Acqua Panna1.5 literL 820
Acqua Sangemini1.5 literL 1,380
Ferrarelle1.5 literL 840
Fiuggi (glass)1 literL 1,380
Kaiserwasser (glass)1 literL 730
Plose (glass)1 literL 990
San Beneditto
(Frizzante)1.5 literL 780
San Beneditto (Frizzante)0.5 literL 500
San Beneditto (Natural)0.5 literL 500
San Pellegrino (glass)1 literL 990
Ty Nant (glass)750 literL 4,350
Ty Nant (glass)250 mlL 2,300


Grand Passage - Globus Rue du Rhone, Geneve, November 2, 1998

Contrex1.5 literSfr. 1.85
Cristalp1.5 literSfr. 1.70
Cristalp50 clSfr. 1.20
Evian1.5 literSfr. 1.55
Evian50 clSfr. 1.20
Henniez1.5 literSfr. 1.90
Henniez50 clSfr. 1.45
Limpia1.5 literSfr. 1.85
Passugger1.5 literSfr. 1.55
Perrier1 literSfr. 1.80
Perrier20 clSfr. 1.50
S.Pellegrino1.5 literSfr. 1.85
Ty Nant750 mlSfr. 4.40
Valser1.5 literSfr. 1.70
Vichy Celestins1.25 literSfr. 1.80
Vittel1.5 literSfr. 2.00


King Soopers Colorado Blvd., Denver Colorado. October 24, 1998

Aquafina1 liter$0.99
Arrowhead1.5 liter$0.89
Arrowhead24 oz.$0.55
Avalon1 liter$1.09
Big K (Artesian)2.5 gal$1.49
Big K (Artesian)1 gal$0.49
Big K (Artesian)1.5 liter3 for $2.00
Big K (Artesian)1 liter2 for $1.00
Big K Sparkling12 oz can6 for $1.49
Blu Botol1 liter$1.39
Blu Botol500 ml$0.75
Calistoga1.5 liter$0.89
Calistoga1 liter$0.79
Calistoga500 ml6 for $4.79
Calistoga Sparkling1 liter$0.89
Castle Rock1.5 liter$0.99
Castle Rock20 oz2 for $1.00
Canadian Gold1 liter$0.79
Canadian Gold20 oz$0.59
Crystal Geyser1.5 liter$0.89
Crystal Geyser750 ml$0.55
Crystal Geyser500 ml$6 for $2.39
Dannon1.5 liter$0.89
Dannon1 liter$0.79
Dannon500 ml6 for $4.09
Deep Rock (Artesian)2.5 gal$1.99
Deep Rock (Artesian)1 gal$0.69
Deep Rock (Artesian)1.5 liter$0.89
Deep Rock (Artesian)1 liter$0.79
Deep Rock (Artesian)20 oz.$0.59
Eldorado Artesian 1 gal$0.79
Eldorado Artesian1.5 liter$0.95
Eldorado Artesian 1 liter$0.82
Eldorado Artesian 500 ml$0.55
Evian1.5 liter$1.79
Evian1 liter$1.19
Glacier Bay1 gal$1.19
Hinckley & Schmitt1.5 liter$0.95
Hinckley & Schmitt1 liter$0.75
Hinckley & Schmitt2.5 gal$1.99
Hinckley & Schmitt1 gal$0.79
Kidz Water12 oz6 for $2.79
King Soopers Sparkling2 liter$0.75
Life 0220 oz$1.19
Naya1 liter$0.99
Naya500 ml$0.69
Nursery Drinking1 gal$1.09
Perrier750 ml$1.55
S.Pellegrino750 ml$0.99


101 Coast Village Road, Santa Barbara, California. October 21, 1998

Aqua Della Madonna750 ml$3.19
Aqua Della Madonna330 ml$1.79
Aquafina1 liter$0.77
Arrowhead Spring2.5 gal$2.42
Arrowhead Distilled1 gal$1.05
Arrowhead Spring1.5 liter$0.82
Arrowhead Spring1 liter$0.71
Arrowhead Sparkling1 liter$0.83
Arrowhead Sparkling16 oz4 for $2.13
Beech Nut Natural1 gal$1.39
Blu Botol1.5 liter$1.77
Blu Botol1 liter$1.55
Calistoga Sparkling10 oz6 for $2.62
Canada Dry Seltzer1 liter$1.15
Crystal Geyser (spring)1.5 liter$0.63
Crystal Geyser (spring)1 liter$0.61
Crystal Geyser (sparkling)12oz6 for $2.79
Dannon1.5 liter$0.69
Dannon1 liter$0.61
Evian1.5 liter$1.65
Evian1 liter$1.34
Fiji1 liter$1.13
Fiji500 ml$1.03
Gerolsteiner Sprudel1 liter$1.87
Hawaii1.5 liter$2.07
Hawaii20 oz$1.14
Ice Age1 liter$1.35
Ice Age20 oz$0.72
Naya1.5 liter$1.66
Naya1 liter$1.34
Perrier750 ml$1.33
Puritas2.5 gal$2.28
Puritas1 gal$0.82
Sparkletts Decanter2 liter$0.93
Sparkletts (spring)1.5 liter$0.78
Sparkletts (spring)1 liter$0.61
S.Pellegrino750 ml$1.29
Volvic1.5 liter$2.19
Von's (drinking)2.5 gal$1.83
Von's (purified)1 gal$0.52
Von's (spring)1.5 liter$0.61
Von's (spring)1 liter$0.55

Shoprite Supermarket

Carmel (Putnum County) New York State. October 4, 1998

Apollinaris1 liter$1.19
Appalachian Mountain Spring1 gallon$1.29
Aqua Madonna25.4 oz$3.29
Aqua Madonna11.13 oz$1.79
Blue Mountain Artesian1 liter$0.99
Castle Spring Water1.5 liter$1.29
Chain Cotiere Water16.9 oz$0.89
Dannon1.5 liter$0.97
Dannon1 liter$0.69
Deer Park2 ½ gal$2.79
Deer Park1 gal$1.19
Evian1.5 liter$1.69
Gerolsteiner Sprudel1 liter$1.39
Glaceau1.5 liter$1.59
Glaceau20 oz$1.19
Great Bear2 ½ gal$2.99
Great Bear1 gal$0.89
Hawaii Water1.5 liter$1.99
Isbre Spring Water500 ml$0.59
Lemon Grass Spring750 ml$2.99
Music1.5 liter$1.89
Naya1.5 liter$1.39
Perrier750 ml$1.29
Perrier4 x 330ml$2.69
Pocono Springs2 ½ gal$2.29
Poland Spring1 gal$1.29
Poland Spring1.5 liter$0.99
Poland Spring2 x 24oz$1.00
Poland Spring (carbonated)1 liter$0.89
SanPellegrino750 ml$1.19
SanPellegrino6 x 250ml$3.99
Shoprite Mountain Spring1 liter$0.59
St. Kea Still Spring Water25.4 oz$2.99
Twin Mountain Spring Water20 oz$0.59
Vermont Pure1.5 liter$1.09
Vermont Pure1 liter$0.99
Vintage Mountain Spring Water1 gal$0.99
Wissachickon Mountain Spring16 oz$0.33

Water Proverb:

"The Noblest of the elements is water."
Pindar, 476 B.C.
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