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Tyler Mountain Water

Address:159 Harris Dr.
Poca, WV 25159
Telephone:(800) 273-6371
President/CEO:Richard Merrill

Company History

In July, 1930, J. R. M. "Red" Knapp drilled a well in his back yard for domestic purposes. There was an abundance of high quality water and Knapp began selling the water to residents of Charleston, WV. Knapp marketed the water under the name Tyler Mountain Alkaline Water. The name was derived from the geographical location of the well and the chemical composition of the water.

Knapp sold the business to his nephew, Randolph G. Traver, in July 1954. Traver operated the business until March 1971 when he sold out to John B. Merrill. At the time of the purchase Tyler Mountain Water was sold in one and five gallon glass bottles. In May 1971, Merrill introduced the water in plastic one gallon bottles that were well received by consumers. The first year's revenues were $26,000. The company was incorporated in December 1972. In 1973, the company began packing water in eight ounce plastic bottles which were sold to the coal industry. This had a favorable impact due to the boom in the coal market in the mid 1970's.

In 1980, Tyler Mountain Water Co., Inc. made two significant strides forward: (1) The company began blow molding its own eight ounce plastic bottles and (2) they opened up a brand new market when it began selling eight ounce water to the railroad industry. The move greatly diversified the company and it enjoyed a healthy increase in sales. In 1982, Tyler opened a second plant in Hazelwood, Missouri to service the railroad industry in the mid-west. In December 1983 it acquired the assets of Anita Spring Water Co. of La Grange, Ky.

In September of 1991, Tyler Mountain purchased the assets of St. Louis Crystal Water Company of St. Louis, Missouri. This was the company's first entry into the home and office delivery market in the St. Louis market.

Today the company's goal is to manufacture and sell products that will be the number one choice of consumers for all its products and services offered, utilizing its most prized assets, its employees.

Our spring water is the first choice in bottled water because of its great taste. It is thoroughly filtered and sanitized so that when we bottle our water it comes to your home or office with its natural taste but without the impurities.


Our distilled water goes through a steam compression distillation process. This process creates one of the purest forms of water because it is filtered then boiled to a vapor and then condensed. This water is so pure that it is used for clinical and medical use. Since all of the minerals are removed it has somewhat of a ?flat? taste that is actually preferred by some people.

Our drinking water goes through carbon filtering and a reverse osmosis procedure to ensure the highest quality tasting water. We always strive to make the best product that will meet your needs and satisfy your thirst.

Water Proverb:

"The Noblest of the elements is water."
Pindar, 476 B.C.
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