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Naya Spring Water

    Bottled in: Canada

Company History

In 1986, NAYA Inc. was established at the foothills of the Laurentian mountains in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada. In this short time, the company has grown and developed into an internationally renowned producer of premium quality spring water that is widely distributed across the world. And, in the process, NAYA has changed the drinking habits of North American consumers by being the first to offer them a natural spring water of excellent quality in an innovative and environmentally friendly polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle.

NAYA is a natural spring water taken directly from sources deep beneath the Canadian shield in Quebec and the Selkirk mountains in British Columbia where it has been protected from the outside world for centuries.

For mineral composition(analysis) at our sources Mirabel/Quebec, Saint André-Est/Quebec, Revelskoke/British Columbia.


Years of extensive research and analyses have confirmed that NAYA spring water is a natural refreshment that contains a wholesome balance of minerals and is devoid of contaminants, calories and carbonation. NAYA also has a very low sodium content.

NAYA was the first bottled water manufacturer in North America to use polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to blow its bottles. PET bottles protect NAYA?s nutritive properties without transfer of taste. In addition, revealing NAYA?s deep respect for the environment, PET is recyclable and is reused by a number of industries.

NAYA is the first and only brand of bottled water to specifically market to the youth, to target male consumers and to reach out to different cultural and ethnic communities.


Since August 1995, NAYA also operates a water bottling facility in the Selkirk mountains of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada under the same strict standards as its Mirabel facilities.

International demand in over 30 countries keeps both plants running 24 hours a day.

NAYA is the number one Canadian spring water in the world. It is distributed in more than 30 countries across the five continents. NAYA excellence is confirmed by a spectacular growth rate, and numerous marketing and industry awards.


NAYA water originates in the wilderness, at the foot of the Canadian mountains, under layers and layers of natural filters of silt, sand and rock which protect the spring water from harmful bacteria and pollutants. The spring water is pumped through stainless steel pipes, then bottled with maximum protection against air pollutants and harmful bacteria at state-of-the-art facilities.

NAYA water comes from three Canadian sources: Mirabel and St. André-Est, Quebec, and Revelstoke, British Columbia. The water that comes from these sources is of exceptional quality. Low in sodium and free of contaminants, calories and carbonation, NAYA water contains the ideal balance of healthy minerals, such as calcium, which lowers blood pressure and is good for the bones, and magnesium, which helps to protect from heart disease. So many good reasons to drink NAYA!

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Water Proverb:

"The Noblest of the elements is water."
Pindar, 476 B.C.
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