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Evian Natural Spring Water

Address:3280 East Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, CA
Bottled in: France
President/CEO:Owned By Danone Waters of North America, Inc.

Water Analysis. *(Mg/l=milligrams per liter) *(PPM=parts per million)

  • Bicarbonates: 357 PPM
  • Calcium Ion: 78 PPM
  • Magnesium: 23 PPM
  • Potassium: .75 PPM
  • Sulfates: 10 PPM
  • Sodium: 5.5 PPM
  • Other Principal Components: Chloride = 2.2, Nitrates = 7.1 PPM
  • Company History

    Evian is Mecca for the bottled water aficionado. It captures the essence of pristine bottled water sources and combines it with state-of-the-art bottling techniques. The magnificent French and Swiss Alps converge around the Mont Blanc, which towers above the lake side town of Evian-Les- Bains.

    Evian's source is Source Cachat where the water emerges from a tunnel in the mountain at 52.88 degrees F. The source is fed from the snow-melt and rain that filters from the Vinzier Plateau, over fifteen years, through glacial sand. The glacial sand is surrounded by clay which protects the water from pollution. The water is bottled at a nearby bottling plant, which is highly automated and exceptionally hygienic.

    Situated in the Haute-Savoie region of France, on the southern bank of Lake Geneva, the small town of Evian-les-Bains fans out in a semi-circle facing the lake. Behind the town rise the majestic French Alps. High atop the northern French Alps in the Mont Blanc region, Evian Natural Spring Water begins as snowflakes and raindrops falling in one of the most pristine places on earth. Unmindful of time, it takes many years for every drop of Evian Natural Spring Water to filter through mineral-rich glacial sand formations deep within the mountains on the way to its protected spring, Source Cachat, in the town of Evian-les-Bains.


    The unique source of Evian was created by the geological upheavals of several millennia. Deep within the earth is an immense hydrogeological formation known as an aquifer that dates back to the quaternary era (approximately 30,000 years ago), formed by the rise and fall of glaciers. Evian?s aquifer is fed by rain, snow and melted ice which very slowly travels to the natural spring?s orifice through a vast natural filter composed of ultra-fine fluviological sand. The aquifer is perfectly insulated from the threat of exterior infiltration by dense layers of protective clay. This natural process shields Evian Natural Spring Water from the outside world.

    It took thousands of years for this extraordinary hydrogeological structure to form. Glacial movement and the rushing flow of water and ice created mountains and deltas and ultimately created a fine, natural filter for the water that emerges in Evian.

    The protection of Source Cachat, and the journey every drop of water takes through the French Alps to reach Evian's source, ensure the indisputable purity of Evian Natural Spring Water and give Evian its unique and consistent balance of minerals. The journey is one that cannot be hurried, interrupted or changed.

    Evian is so pure and natural, it is not processed or treated in any way. It is as nature intended it to be. As prescribed by strict French law, Evian is bottled at its source.


    Evian's taste has a unique character, described by one food expert as "milky". The water has been recognized as suitable to use for mixing baby formulas. It is packaged in glass and plastic bottles in 1/3, 1/2, 1 and 1.5 liter bottles (PET and glass). It is distributed throughout most of the world .


    At the foot of Mt. Blanc on Lake Geneva, the Royal Club Evian, 74500 Evian-les-Bains France, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, (800) 223-6800, features a two luxurious hotels, golf club, casino and inspiring spa with a myriad of treatments, from bain Bretagne to laser therapy. Ozone and oxygen baths, lymphatic draining, mud sheathings and sudation sessions are some of the treatments used at the spa for thinning, vitality and smooth remodeling of the body. Evian's mineralized spring water is used in the treatment of skin, urinary and nephrological conditions, as well as a diuretic cure.

    Water Proverb:

    "The Noblest of the elements is water."
    Pindar, 476 B.C.
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